The Impact of Prolonged iPad Use on Posture and Health

woman in pain from prolonged use of digital devices

For most of us, spending the majority of our waking hours in front of a screen either for work necessities or for leisure and educational purposes is an acceptable reality. This form of reality, however, may serve for a convenient and time saving approach to necessary daily commute, it serves no good in maintaining a healthy posture for our spinal cord. Such implications, if left unchecked or unnoticed for long periods of time, can have serious consequences for our health overall.

Scientists have linked relevant facts attesting to the relationship between the amount of screen time spent in front of an iPad’s screen with posture issues experienced by users. Normally, the iPad can be used to view desired content from a certain angle which is not the most comfortable and comforts our sitting arrangement in a way that applies pressure to certain areas that lead to muscle pain and congestion. Also known as the «slouch or hunch over» effect it can lead to strain on the neck and back muscles if left unchecked, and is preliminary caused by excessive swiping, scrolling, or typing on the device, in the form of repetitive strain injury.

Additionally, lack of movement and physical activity while using the device can also contribute to spinal cord problems. By sitting for long hours of time in a specific position hovering over the iPad’s screen, the skeletal structure of your neck is suffering. Indeed, prolonged usage of iPads can have adverse effects on our spinal cord and often is the cause of other musculoskeletal issues such as neck and back pain. The reason being that the continuous repetitive motion of swiping and tapping on the screen can also contribute to conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome. Additionally, excessive screen time can cause eyestrain and disrupt sleep patterns. Thus, it is important to support good posture, take breaks, and limit the amount of time spent using an iPad to minimize these health risks.

In fact, this phenomenon has gained a lot of attention with most iPad users citing as their reason behind abandoning the usage and or purchase of the device in the first place, irrespective of its many previously mentioned benefits, of instant access to information and ease of mobility. In response to that, Odo Shells, pioneering in the tech field, decided to be the answer to the issue by creating a unique and custom iPad case design that allows for comfortable screen viewing from almost every angle.

Lastly, Odo Shells’s pioneering iPad case offers the unique grabbing feature which tightly secures the iPad in a set position irrespective of environmental conditions that would otherwise have affected it. This strong grabbing feature can eliminate back and neck pains as it can stand to the desired eye level, even if placed on the user’s knees.

This ability to seamlessly rotate up to 160 degrees along with reducing the number of consecutive hours spent on it, by taking breaks afro stretching, are known to be helpful preventive measures of the spinal cord malformations and strain on the neck and back muscles experienced.

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