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ODO BODI is the first shell to adapt to user’s position allowing flexibility in the way people use their iPad to such a degree, that until now was not possible.

Your iPad Experience

Welcome to our Redefined iPad Shell, where form and function unite offering a healthier and more convenient digital experience.


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Embracing the elegance of the human form with its contoured shape, adaptable arms and flexible bar, ODO BODI offers a natural iPad interaction for effortless and enjoyable experiences.

Versatile Digital Health

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Harvard researchers urge for repositioning for healthier iPad use and ODO BODI emerges as the versatile solution. Seamlessly adapt it to your body’s posture and enjoy freedom of movement whether you are working, socializing or relaxing. Unlock inspiration and enhanced creativity beyond the office, with comfort.

Mobility Ease

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Wherever life takes you, experience the flexibility you are seeking, with ODO BODI. Discover the comfort and versatility that adapts to your lifestyle.

Unlimited Viewing Options

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ODO BODI’s adaptable kickstand allows you to fine-tune your iPad for personalized viewing or typing angles. Whether you’re watching a movie, sketching a masterpiece, or typing up a report, you’ll discorver the perfect angle every time, in every space.

Hands-Free Freedom

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ODO BODI ensures a secure, stable fit on your desk, sofa, even on your body or any space, freeing your hands for more ease. Its thoughtful design lets it stand firmly on a desk in a horizontal position, despite its curved shape.


Cutting-edge ergonomic features in a sleek design. More than an accessory, it’s your ticket to boundless freedom. Perfect for work, play, or socializing from anywhere with ease.

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Ultimate Protection · Easy Installation

Say goodbye to frustrating struggles as the precisely designed contours and intuitive design of ODO BODI, hug your device seamlessly, providing secure fit in secondsand unparalleled drop protection,


ODO BODI’s sleek curvature, a natural resonator, transforms every movie, song and call into an acoustic delight, elevating your entertainment experience.

Grab and Go Secure Hold

ODO BODI ensures a confident and convenient grip for your iPad. Its contoured design provides a secure hold, allowing you to effortlessly grab and go wherever you take your device.

Customer Satisfaction

The ODO BODI case has been meticulously designed to prioritize user comfort and convenience, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for iPad users. The ergonomic features, such as a comfortable grip and adjustable stand, cater to various user preferences and scenarios, enhancing the overall usability of the iPad.

Personalized Gift

Searching for a meaningful gift? ODO BODI, our iPad shell case, is the perfect present for the special person in your life who values a stylish and practical solution for their mobile workspace. It’s a gift they’ll use and appreciate every day.

Unleash Possibilities Beyond The Office!
Transform your work experience with our iPad case; a seamlessly blending human-centric design and functionality for peak performance and unprecedented comfort. Wherever you choose to be, let your productivity thrive.
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