Who are we?

ODO Shells is a collective of tech enthusiasts united by a passion for creating groundbreaking products that redefine comfort and luxury in the tech space.

Our journey began with a simple idea: seamlessly blend ergonomics and aesthetics to create a companion that enhances your iPad adventures.


Our Vision

We aim to disrupt the tech space and become synonymous with innovation, comfort and digital well-being.



To be simple is to be focused. By keeping simplicity front of mind, we ensure we don’t expend time or energy on things we don’t need to. Being simple is also being easy. Easy to understand. Easy to do.



We believe brilliance is attainable. It is at the heart of everything we do. Brilliance is the ability of giving life to concepts and ideas so that they take form in the best possible way. It is the way in which to excel through creative, thoughtful and exceptional work.


Signature Design

Our distinctive CURVED-based design, developed in collaboration with Andreas Varotsos (designer of the Athens 2004 Olympic Torch), sets the standard for our series. This Patented contoured design represents our trademark and will continue to shape our future products.


Our Mission


To enhance daily life through innovative products which answer the needs of a broad audience’s digital life


Craft objects that elevate and enrich our daily experiences


Foster a healthier and more pleasurable online life

Lets talk

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