The Impact of Ergonomic iPad Cases on Work Productivity

ODO Shells's adaptability

Technology’s invasion of the workforce has enabled many companies to exponentially increase their relevancy as well as employee productivity as many applications essential to the workflow are in the form of downloaded apps.

Additionally, the increased percent of companies still implying work-from-home mode as a form of cost cutting, has made the need for a portable office evident. This creates the need to always instantly access them from anywhere. Such capabilities can be realized with the use of iPads , which employees  use to also manage their day to day activities and get more things done.

Through their built in features like Bluetooth, i-message, i-transfer etc. tablets encourage sharing and interactions between employees can be formed encouraging bonding, with a recent study claiming that 24% of employees reported qualified interactions in more often base using tablets than with a PC.  

However, it should be noted that choosing which technological device simplifies and contributes to a company’s work efficiency is essential to the company’s profitability. The perfect balance of durability, style, and convenience without compromising your ability to switch from writing to drawing to annotating with ease.

Employee productivity is a function of multiple factors correlating together to create efficiency sceneries that increase their desire & ability to work better. Such factors can be considered their level of comfort during their working schedule meaning that, the position they are stationed to work, wither at the office environment or their home, is vital to their concentration levels and over all performance.

Many employees have reported in relevant studies that the degree of comfort they experience during their working hours is a contributing factor in their productivity rates. Usual causes of such discomfort are neck, back and hand strains from the use of digital devices including the tablet. Hence an ergonomic tablet case, like Odo Shells with the ability to stand sturdily alone and not allow for the tablet to fall is the optimal solution. This safe placement of the tablet allows for hands free mode, where the user can multitask freely, enabling him or her to get more things done at much less time.     

Ergonomic iPad cases allow for better use of the device with an added layer of protection against dust, accidental falls and any bacteria inserted via charging and connecting ports.

Furthermore, an ergonomic iPad case that offers a slot specifically for the pencil, advocates for the employee productivity by providing instant access to all the tools necessary in no time. The thinking- ahead mentality of the case, not only saves time but make the user feel more prepared for the task ahead, boosting further its desire to perform well. 

Lastly, the rotating feature of an iPad case, allows for the most optimal comfort viewing from all angles to be realized. By swiftly adjusting through landscape and portrait mode, customization of viewing angles and modes aids in the creation of a truly adaptive design. Thus, not only customers enjoy videos, content & websites from their preferred viewing angle but employees enjoy cases that enable them to explore all of the iPad’s capabilities by combining function with delicate a form.

Such is the case of Odo Shells which is not limited to providing iPad’s protection from bumps, falls and dirt insertions but incorporating necessary elements to augment employees performance, like separate pencil case to assist in note taking & referring PDFs to rotating the iPad for optimal view at the users comfort level alleviating  neck and hand strains. All these features consist a comfortable yet stable working environment that thrives on productivity irrespective of its method of existence. Conclusively, as it can be evident from the previously mentioned statements, that ergonomically efficient iPad cases have a profound positive effect in the efficiency and productivity increase.

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