Functionalities You Might Have Missed on Your iPad

Apple products, such as iPad

In the constantly developing environment we live in, technology evolves at a rapid pace. As iPads have become one of the best companions to everyday life, at the same time consumers have the desire to search daily for new features and ways to use their device. There are a lot of functionalities that often escape our attention but once you learn about them you can not live without them.

Let’s explore some of the hidden gems of the iPad.

Document Scanner
If you want to scan something, the notes app includes a built-in scanner.
Simply, create a new note, then tap the camera icon and select “scan documents”. You can even scan multiple documents at once if you want.

Share Safari tabs on your other Apple devices
Working on your Mac or iPhone and want to switch to your iPad?
iCloud can sync your Safari tabs on all your devices. To activate this feature simply go to settings, tap on your Apple ID, and then click on iCloud and turn on Safari (from apps using iCloud).

Split Keyboard
If you prefer to use your iPad as a mobile device, you can simply follow these instructions to make it more accessible. Go to settings, then general. Next, choose “keyboard” and select the button that says “split keyboard”.

Want to be able to see multiple of your open apps at the same time? From settings, go to Home Screen and Multitasking. It is available to do a slide-over or split view.

Drag and Drop Text or Photos between apps
For your convenience, it’s better to set up the split view first, but it’s not necessary. Simply select a text or photograph and then drag and drop it wherever you want it.

Use a mouse
If you use your iPad like a laptop then this feature is for you. Connect your mouse via Bluetooth and you are ready.

Discovering the above features will enhance your convenience and your creativity. The next time you use your iPad take a moment to explore these hidden gems and transform your device according to your preferences. Unleash the full potential of your device with these simple steps.

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