Creative Uses for Versatile iPad Cases: Beyond Just Protection

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Using a technical device always comes with the risk of breaking during an accident or a sudden fatal move. This contributed to the creation of the most necessary tech accessory for iPads’, their case! With various colors and sizes currently available in the market, the choice of the right case is directly correlated to elongating its life and usage span.

The aim of the first iPad case was to offer protection against damages and direct exposure to sunlight’s heat. Based on that, the use of tablet sleeves became it. They offered protection and a safe, reliable way to travel with the iPad anywhere, as they’re also liquid repellent. However choosing this protection form depends on personal taste and needs.

Many people started demanding more from their cases, beyond just protection and as technology progresses so does human innovation & creativity. The standards were raised to now include qualities such as:

Sturdy stand alone cases that can be color-customized.

With iPad’s popularity and its availability in certain colors, the desire to distinguish one’s iPad is evident. Thus, companies have created cases in multiple colors to combine protection against unwanted bacteria, humidity and dust insertions with style, adding a flare of uniqueness. The case’s built in charging and connecting port covers prevents such issues and its color palette,when identical to the iPad’s, is the perfect camouflage. In the event the case can stand on its own allowing hands free movement and eye level viewing , then the uniqueness in the design can really shine.

Improved Grip

Odo’s innovative iPad case design allows for extra strong grip in its set placement. The case’s adjustable compartment has a unique griping claw that can stand on your knee throughout any movements. This can help prevent it from slipping out of your hands. With the iPad being able to stick on a certain place irrespective of the surrounding elemental changes like, road bumps, swift turns of the road and sudden movements of the user, creates the perfect traveling scenario for all aged travelers.

Comfort view from every angle

Odo’s unique case design allows for comfort viewing at almost every angle in any environment like, car rides, metro stations, the park. The case’s ability to rotate up to 160 degrees can easily adjust the screens viewing option from landscape to portrait in no time, contributing to versatile screening.
Additionally, this feature, that the majority of cases do not offer, helps people with neck back pains to use a comforting tech accessory in versatile positions that make them feel the most comfortable.

Turn the iPad into a monitor

By using a case that can stand on its own to same height as a computer, the distance between the surface its placed and the iPad is elongated, offering hands-free comfortable viewing. The usage of such case enables for the height and viewing angle to be adjusted, whilst maintaining a still position and iPad protection. Furthermore, such cases are in tuned with Bluetooth allowing for keyboard and mouse connection with the iPad, turning it into a portable PC.

Consecutively, deciding upon which unique way expresses your own inner creative self, is a tough choice to make with so many lucrative options currently available. So, we suggest you to opt for the style that fits your needs best and combines protection with comfort.

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